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Smart Home Technology

Z-Wave is one of the most flexible technologies for setting up your smart home.

Go Lightly Electrical design their smart homes on a Z-Wave foundation.



What is Z-Wave?


Z-Wave is a form of wireless communication between lots of different devices such as your lights, tv, heating system (the list goes on forever) just like you might use wireless to connect to your mobile devices to the internet or other devices such as a mouse or speaker using bluetooth.

Z-Wave uses lower energy than your wireless options and has a much stronger and wider area of connectivity than blue tooth. It also is the most popular of the smart home network technologies and because of that makes it very easy to find a variety of different devices to connect up to your smart home network.



Go Lightly Electrical are fully accredited in Z-Wave technologies and with the number of installations under their belt, can attest to the flexibility and robust of the technology.

Both Alexa and Google home smart devices are compatible with Z-Wave.

Moreover, in case of emergency, your smart home will know when to alert carers that you need help and ensure that the right support is on its way, straightaway.


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