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Flintstones to Jetsons




Adrian and Fiona were conducting a full renovation of their home in Eltham South, but they were unsure of what options they had for lighting, security, heating and cooling, as well as needing general electrical works (switchboards etc).

The house was an original 1970’s home going through it’s first renovation, which also meant the electrics needed to be overhauled. It was the ideal opportunity to upgrade the home to the 21st century and lay the foundation for any future electrical and technical advances in smart home/ Internet of Things.



General electrical work including security and lighting



  • Custom lighting solution
  • Electrical design
  • Heating and cooling automation
  • Lighting automation
  • Appliance automation
  • Strip lighting
  • Home theatre setup
  • Remote access to their home
  • Energy management and access control
  • Heating and cooling automation
  • “Away mode” when leaving home




This was a project that involved bringing an old home into the 21st century with a complete upgrade of their electricals required. We took the opportunity to go one step further and prepare the home for the coming years, taking advantage of the smart home technology and setting the electricals up to easily be ‘added to’ in the coming years.

We were able to design and install a fully automated Z-Wave system that allowed us to integrate home security, and access control climate control from wall panels or a mobile app.


Floor heating in all bathrooms was also a nice addition to the smart home setup. This approach was far more cost efficient than a separate security system and automation functionality. Finally, we also designed a beautiful lighting scheme with dimmable strip lighting as well as several feature custom light strips in handrails and feature walls.

For not much more than the basic updating to their electrical system, they were able to pack enormous value into their electrical renovation budget.



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