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eco smart homes

Eco Smart homes

Make your home an Eco Smart home with an energy efficient electrical system.

Energy Efficient Electrical Systems

Making your home energy efficient needs a wholistic approach that takes a range of factors into consideration. From your energy usage, to the appliances as well as making sure you've got the basics for an eco-smart home in place.


An accredited Eco Smart electrician has specialist knowledge to provide you with energy efficient solutions to help you lower your electrical bill.

The goal of working with Go Lightly, accredited Eco Smart electricians, is to lower your carbon footprint and energy bill by helping to make your home or business become as energy efficient and environmentally conscious as possible.


Free e-book: Take Back Your Power

Let us step you through how to make your home eco-friendly and smart by being energy efficient and conscious.

We'll give you the 7 energy-saving, money-saving steps to create your smarter, greener and easier life.


We can help you to:


Evaluate your energy efficiency goals.


Minimise your energy footprint and negative impact on the environment.


Save money on your energy bills.


Reduce energy requirements and usage.



We provide you with everything you need to:


We start with an audit and give you a plan to minimise waste of energy before looking at initiatives or changes such as new systems such as solar energy or hot water systems.


smart-home-installation-specialists-go-lightly-electrical Z-Wave


Go Lightly electricians are also accredited electricians in Z-Wave technology.

This is the most common, robust and flexible of the smart home technologies.

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